“I’m on my way!” I say as I remain naked in bed


come with me

and you’ll be

in a world

of image


trick people into loving you by being a wonderful person


when your day turns out unexpectedly well


Anonymous : You say that about gear sticks, but, have you seen the one from the Citroën C2? It's like a blooming dildo!

Sorry boo I don’t pay attention to Citroens
I’m an audi/ford/Mercedes kinda guy
Although maybe I should start paying attention to them ;)

Getting into bed and starting to feel all cosy and then realising you need to pee is one of the worst feelings

Anonymous : Cars won't hit ur prostate though.

What about the gear stick?
(Omg I’m kidding)
That’s true I guess.
I mean, I can have room for both of them in my life
But I’d choose an audi S6 over a cute boy any day


Finlay’s posts about dick and ass are my favourite

My dash is just filled with gayness it’s great